About Us

We offer a one-stop shop for basic maintenance and repair solutions for your homes, offices and other facilities. Our core services include electrical and plumbing as well as other specialized services like air-conditioning, painting, carpentry, sliding windows and doors, home appliances servicing and regular preventive maintenance.
Our strategy has meritoriously earned a reputation for a qualified, transparently priced and trusted service provider. This is the reason for our market penetration and solid foundation of repeat businesses.

QuickFix Gh is differentiated from its competition by offering: customer-centered, punctual, professional, reliability and fairly priced charges. More importantly our clients avoid the stress of looking for competent home repairs and maintenance service providers get reliable access to us through their preferred medium have the flexibility of scheduling works appointment and our men will be there on time

About Us

Core Values

Interior Decor 97%
Carpentry Skills 74%
Electrical Works 89%
What we do

Our Business Process

We personally meet at your home to discuss your goals and project. After assessing your needs, Integrity will provide alternative solutions to save you time and money. Our project planner will walk through areas of concern and inspect the improvements needed. Once a full assessment has been completed, we begin proposing work to be done as well as pricing for the project.
The proposal phase gives Integrity and customers a chance to go over the cost for any services, and for our customer to add or make changes before an agreement is reached. Next, it’s time to break ground on improving your home to create the dream space you’ve always wanted.

Throughout the project, our skilled project managers will keep you informed of all details and progress as it is completed. Our team leader’s personal contact information is shared with you, our customer, to ensure you’re part of the team. Integrity Home Repair and Painting believes teamwork is the most valuable aspect of our company and what really sets us apart from our competitors.

Our Vision

Is to help provide faster, quality and easier domestic
and maintenance services to businesses and cooperate
organizations as well as individual homes.

What we do

Our Mission

To organize as well as to provide domestic
and maintenance services to every individual abode
and business without tensity/stress and discomfort.


Our Mileage

Sutisfied Clients
Complete Office Projects
Furnished Homes
Our Staff

Our Team

Laura Green

Interior Designer, co-founder

Antonio Frizz

Furniture Designer, co-founder

Valeria Domino

Lighting Designer

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QuickFix Gh is differentiated from its competition by offering: a customer-centered, professional and fairly priced Service!
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